"Fenerpark Premium", the youngest project of Masa İnşaat, is rising in Lara, the region of Antalya that is gaining value all the time. Masa İnşaat, which produces branded residences to increase the quality of life, makes 30 more families homeowners with Fenerpark Premium.
In this project of Masa İnşaat; With its functional and comfortable solutions, it continues to produce accessible residences without sacrificing building safety and quality.
Our project, which consists of 30 flats with 2 blocks, 5+1 (duplex), 4+1, 3+1 (duplex) and 2+1 flat options, located on a 2300 m2 land, has 1500 m2 green area, swimming pool, playground and walking paths. It offers your family a safe and peaceful life.
On our site, there is a parking lot for all of the residences and an open parking lot for guest vehicles, and direct access to the parking lot is provided by an elevator from the residences.
In the settlement where site security is provided effectively; In addition to activities such as walking paths, swimming pool, children´s playground, camellia, there is also a center where you can do fitness.
Wishing you always reach better and more beautiful...

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